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Glass & Balustrades

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Sunfold Systems introduces its latest product range: glass balustrading and canopies.

Available as fully glazed solutions, Sunfold’s bespoke balustrades and canopies can be incorporated into the design and layout of any building’s architecture for both internal and external use.

Both systems tend to be used largely for more modern and contemporary designs and are specially manufactured to allow for limited visual fixings to create clean lines and unimpaired views; perfect when creating extra light and the appearance of extra space in either a new property or as a specialist feature for a renovation project.

Glass balustrading offers safety for balconies, stairs and landings, or can act as divides for decking, patios and swimming pool areas. Designed as fully glazed feature walls, balustrading incorporates specialist fixings and safety glass to complement the building’s architecture or surroundings.

Glass canopies can be a perfect solution to offer shelter when used for entrance doors, windows and communal areas whilst still enhancing light. Also available as complete glazed systems, the wall supported canopies incorporate panel fixings via located fasteners, wedges and cables depending on the building structure and installation area.

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