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Folding Doors - the difference between track options

Folding Doors - the difference between track options image

It's a question we’re asked a lot when clients are looking at folding doors, but different suppliers will offer different opinions.

ome suppliers will only offer one or the other largely dependent on their own system’s capabilities. However this isn’t necessarily the best option and it’s a good idea to base the choice of product based on the structure of the property using the following concept.

As standard, bi-folding bottom running tracks are recommended for standard heights (ie up to 2350mm) as they do not require such structural support at the top of the opening. The benefit is this option tends to work out cheaper. They can also have slimmer head profiles than a top hung system, so are a little more aesthetically pleasing as won't require additional bulk in the frame.

Top hung however is usually recommended when doors need to be much taller ie. up to 3000mm, or if the system is heavier, for example, if the system has triple glazing, further structural considerations will come into play. With such heavier weights, top hung folding door systems will also help to prevent the door weight de-railing the systems. To protect against this a good quality system will offer sprung running gear guides to ensure wheels stay in contact with the track.

Bi-folding doors are often used to open out large areas so it's really important to choose the best system for your individual project. You don't want to be faced with issues further down the line.

Take a look at our top selling aluminium bi-folding door system, the SFK70.

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