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Bi-folding doors for soundproofing

Bi-folding doors for soundproofing image


Folding sliding doors for soundproofing a music room - Doors by nature will allow a certain amount of noise to escape, however there are specialist designs and techniques available to help alleviate the level of sound which can be heard.

Baca Architects came across this exact dilemma when a customer requested that as part of their home they required a music room to be an important element of both their living and leisure time.

A central point of the house was perfect for their requirements for entertaining guests and a key part of the family’s time together but when it came to the times where privacy was required they needed the option to close the doors for recording purposes.

To create the open feel the customers required whilst also having the option to shut off the area, lead architect Robert Barker wanted to incorporate interior folding sliding doors as an effective and visually appealing solution to the overall project. “Noise transfers so easily through most doors so it was important for the internal folding sliding doors we used to be flawless to create a balanced sound level,” he commented.

Robert chose to use Sunfold Systems’ timber range of folding sliding doors, the SFK69 painted in white; this is the highest specification timber system available and manufactured from triple laminated solid timber sections. As noise control was key, it was vital that all joints, tracks, frame construction and head detail connectors had no air gaps so that there was no flanking sound either side.

By using slim width panels and through the natural slim sightlines of the SFK69, both the structure and the appearance of the internal sliding door system worked well together to achieve the desired effect.

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