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Case Studies

Bi-folding doors for a kitchen extension

Bi-folding doors for a kitchen extension image


This family home built in the 1990’s has been transformed with the addition of a new kitchen extension.

The current owners removed the dated conservatory and replaced it with two sets of five panel folding sliding doors. The SFK20:20 system was chosen in dark metallic grey, DB703, a unique colour to Sunfold. The SFK20:20 is Sunfold’s more affordable range of bespoke bi-folding systems which still offers many more unique features than its competitors.

The owners of the property took time to choose the tiles for the extension floor and the patio to ensure the colours matched and grout lines followed through, to create the seamless expanse of living space both indoor and out.

Thought and consideration was also taken in choosing the roof tiles so that they would match the dark metallic grey (DB703) folding sliding door frames and tracks.

The family living in this house are delighted with the open plan, bright and airy living space that they have created and feel they will continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

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